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Sell Stock Photos of Animals

It’s often difficult for newsletter authors, website designers and pet product promoters to find quality royalty-free photos of pets that can be licensed for use offline and online.

What a Business Selling Stock Pet Photography Involves:
You’d be using your knowledge of photography to take photos – usually of recognized dog or cat breeds – and then selling them individually (doing custom work) or packaging them to sell as a collection.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
The biggies are some skill as a photographer and a decent digital camera.  You’ll also need a source of pets for models (contact local kennel clubs); if your photos are to be purchased by those knowledgeable about the breed, you’ll have to make sure that the pets conform to the breed standard.


  • Not a lot of competition, particularly in this niche.
    It’s not that there aren’t people selling cheap photo collections (especially online)… it’s that not a lot of people/companies offer photos that are LEGAL.  Businesses don’t want problems with copyright infringements.

  • There’s no geographic limitation on where you can sell your photos.


  • Access to pets, especially those that meet breed standard, may be difficult.  You may need to travel to pet shows or make special arrangements.

  • You’ll also need to determine some good photo locations and/or backdrops, as least as a “just in case” event; you can’t assume that the pet owner’s home is a suitable location for taking high-quality photos.

Resources for More Information on Starting a Photography Business:
photography book - sell stock photos of animals
Income from Photography

This excellent guide is not exclusively about selling stock photos (although there IS a chapter devoted to that), but it’s focused on photography as a BUSINESS.  (Not many books cover that angle.)  It covers advertising your services, marketing your photographs, legal considerations… and what you should charge!


As mentioned previously, assuring buyers that your photos are original and legal to use will be important.  And be sure to specify some sort of license agreement – probably, by paying the one-time fee, the buyer has no further payments or restrictions other than not being able to re-sell or distribute your photographs.