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Should You "Waste" Your Time
In A Scooper Pooper Business?

There's usually money to be made when you're willing to do a task that others hate to do — and someone has to remove those yucky "canine calling cards" from yards, dog shows, dog parks, dog kennels, dog runs, apartment complexes and parks. As a Super Duper Scooper Pooper (not a bad business name, by the way!) you'll do just that; perform animal waste removal for clients (or "scoop poop", as it's commonly referred to.)

What a Scooper Pooper Business Involves:
You'll visit customer's yards or properties on a weekly or monthly basis and collect feces from the yard. You'll usually charge by the visit, but frequency, size of yard and number of dogs factors into the price you charge, too. How you dispose of the poop you've scooped may be regulated by city laws; be sure to check your local regulations regarding waste removal. You may be able to bag the poop and simply place it in a trash can, or take the waste to a local landfill.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
Ummmm... I haven't seen any college courses on "How to Scoop Poop", so as long as you have basic business sense and are reliable and thorough, you ought to do okay!


  • In-demand business; some people are physically unable to scoop their dog's poop, others don't have time, and others simply don't want to
  • No special equipment, no major start-up costs
  • Can be easily done from home, on your own schedule


  • Dirty, smelly, unsanitary work
  • You may run into unfriendly dogs
  • Did I mention this is dirty, smelly work?

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Pooper Scooper Business:
    Here's a great website with tons of info, including a discussion list!

  • Scoopers & Friends Discussion Board

  • "Been There Done That" Advice from Tammie Peters, owner of
    DooCare Dog Waste Management Franchise

  • NEW: DooCare Franchise


  • Many successful Scooper Poopers wind up with so much work that they hire employees. That may get YOU out of the messy part of the business — but dealing with "employees" can get messy in a wholly different way...
  • You can make some great extra money by offering extra services, such as feeding the dogs, playing with them, walking them, and so on. Selling dog food is another great tie-in, especially since some of them promise to reduce the amount of waste since they're so easily digested!
  • It might also be a good idea to partner with a lawn care business in your area - there's a Columbia MO lawn care company I know of whose owner made it a point to get to know the local dog-doo business owner.  They refer business to each other!