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If you're willing to share some advice, I'm willing to give you an active link on this website.

Don't worry, this will be easy!  All I want you to do is share some of your hard-earned tips with site visitors.  This site is based on the knowledge that there's not a great deal of info available to many would-be pet-business entrepreneurs, and if you have experience to share, that would help us all enormously.

However, I'm looking for specific, useful info.  No "This business was tough but it was worth it" general, vague, comments.

Instead, I want specific info like this:

"It was harder than I'd anticipated to get my first customers.  I'd planned on running classified ads in the "Professional Services" section of my local newspaper, but that was too expensive with too little results.  Instead, I worked out a deal with my local vet, where we (specific solution here), and my referral rate increased enormously."

If you have experience in a pet-related business, please send it via this link.  Every submission will be manually approved - and yes, I'll give preference to people who link back to THIS site! 

Please include:

Your Name

Contact Info

Website URL (if applicable)

Type of pet business

Specific Suggestion You're Submitting

Of course, if you want to advertise on this site or talk any other promotional deals, I'm sure willing to listen!  Would like to have a few donated products to give away in some upcoming contests.  And I like to barter too...