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Pet Party Planner:
Parties for "Social Animals"

pet party planner businessFor the pet who has everything - why not a party, too?  In this business, you'd create and host events for pets (say, for Rover's birthday or to celebrate graduation from obedience class). 

What a Pet Party Planner Business Involves:
Planning and providing materials for a party with four-legged guests.  It's not like the animals are going to play games like "Pin the Tail On the Donkey" or anything, so your main focus would be logistical - where and how to make this happen, and providing treats.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
None, really.  Creativity and good rapport with animals and people.  Supplies can be purchased as needed.

What you WILL have to determine is where you can have the party, and what type of animal you'll work with.  (Typically dogs - they're usually more social than cats.)

Having an area at your own home or place of business is a convenience that potential clients might appreciate - not everyone has room for 10 dogs (plus their owners), or wants to clean up the mess afterwards.  (And we're talking more than just uneaten birthday cake, if you know what I mean...)

Sometimes you can work out arrangements with other pet businesses (such as pet stores, dog training schools, etc.) to host parties there.


  • Minimal start-up costs.  Mostly you'll need business cards and/or flyers to announce your business to vets, obedience schools, groomers, etc.  You don't need to buy any other party supplies until you have a party.

  • Fun for creative, social people
  • Probably little if any competition


  • Pets don't always get along - you need to be very comfortable working with the animals and very clear on the responsibilities of the pet owners who attend the party

  • You're not likely to get rich doing this - at best it could be a fun part-time income

  • May be difficult to do without additional help.  Not only during the party, but to clean up afterwards.

  • Can be expensive if you don't factor in the costs of the supplies; you'll want to charge a "per guest" fee AND a fee to cover supplies, too.  And limit yourself to nearby geographical areas, too, or your vehicle expenses will get too high.

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Pet Party Planner Business:
    I would think any party-planning business book would give good general advice (one is featured below); your unique “twist” would be that your guests would include animals.

    paid to party event planner bookPaid to Party
    Discusses invitations, promotion techniques, where to get party supplies CHEAP, planning checklist, contract samples, cost tracking spreadsheet, etc.

    Get a reseller's permit from your state so you can buy treats and party supplies at wholesale.  You  might want to offer party hats, bandanas, treat bags, doggie cookie cutters, doggie breath mints, etc.  You could also team up with a local dog treat baker - they may be willing to provide treats at wholesale (maybe even special doggie birthday cakes?) and even host the event at their store.  It would be great publicity for them!

    Don't forget the legal/licensing/insurance needs for this, especially if you cart them around or have them in your home.