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Could a Pet Horoscope Business Be In the Stars for You?

What do the stars say about your pet's horoscope?

What's in the stars for the pet in your life?

If you understand astrology or have an interest in it, a Pet Horoscope (Pet Astrologer) business could be a fun way to supplement your income and help pet owners learn more about their furry friends.

What a Pet Astrologer Business Involves:
You'll be giving astrology forecasts or readings for pets, but how you do so is up to you. You can do personal telephone readings, give weekly or monthly pet horoscopes through a website (even specializing in feline or dog horoscopes) or mail people print-outs of their pet's birth chart.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
You need to know something about astrology! If you don't already, some books are mentioned in the Resource section below. And you'll probably want software to help you develop pet horoscopes some programs only do calculations, some interpret as well, so check out both.


  • Can be done exclusively from home, especially if you run an Internet-only Pet Horoscope business
  • High profits are possible, depending on how detailed you are in your calculating and interpreting
  • Probably little local competition for Pet Astrology businesses


  • May be difficult to get established if you pursue an Internet business, since there's quite a bit of competition
  • Astrology is usually included under laws related to fortune telling, so be careful to stress that your Pet Horoscope service is "For Entertainment Only" and that you offer no guarantees about any particular pet.

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Pet Horoscope Business:
    There's not a great deal directly on starting a BUSINESS in this field, but there are quite a few books on Pet Horoscopes and Astrology for Pets. Click on the books in the column to the right to see what has to offer.

    Other Resources for a Pet Horoscope business:

  • AstroScan Free Astrology Software
    Astrologer's chart calculation program for Win98, WinMe

  • Astrology for Dummies
    By Rae Orion.


  • You success will largely depend on the niche you choose and the approach you take.
  • You may be able to network with astrologists and New Age types in your community.