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Pet Grooming Business:
HUGE Demand for Dog and Cat Groomers

The increased demand for pets fuels the increased demand for pet groomers - people who transform Fido or Fluffy from dirty and bedraggled to clean, clipped and CUTE!

According to, there are over 4,000 dogs and cats for every U.S. grooming business, and the demand for pet groomers will increase 12% by 2010.

This is a booming industry!

What a Pet Grooming Business Involves:
Your primary job will be to clip and perhaps style the coats of dogs and cats, sometimes to very specific breed standards.  Other pet grooming tasks, sometimes performed by less experienced associates, include nail clipping and washing.

More so than most other pet businesses on this website, pet grooming can be done many ways.  You can work for someone else in a salon.  You can open a pet grooming franchise or start an independent pet grooming business, outside your home.  You can work as a mobile pet groomer, or run a self-service pet wash.  You can lease space from a pet store, veterinarian or kennel.  You'll also need to consider whether you intend to run a solo pet grooming operation or hire employees.

This page focuses on more general, pet grooming information; links are provided to more specific pet grooming business models at the end of the page.

Knowledge or Skills Required as a Pet Groomer:
You need training to become a groomer; some pet stores (PETsMart and Petco, at this time) offer classes, or you can look at's Schools of Grooming Yellow Page Section for links to classes or training in your area.  If you intend to go into business for yourself, be sure to get education in managing a pet grooming business, too.  (A terrific book on the topic is mentioned below.)

Advantages of a Dog or Pet Grooming Business:

  • Large and growing demand

  • It's a satisfying business - you see the results of your work right away, and leave behind a healthier and more attractive pet

  • Easy to add additional income by offering products such as pet food or pet supplies

    Disadvantages  of a Dog or Pet Grooming Business:

  • Expensive to start, especially if you choose a pet grooming franchise; requires specialized training AND equipment

  • Your city or state may require a special license or permit for groomers.

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Pet Grooming Business

  • National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc
    Association of dog groomers; encourages professionalism & education in the field.  Information on seminars, workshops and certification testing.

  • From Problems to Profits by Madeline Bright Ogle is one of many excellent books on the subject; this one delves deeply into the BUSINESS of a pet grooming business.  Order through Amazon, below (and check out the other books, too!)

    Mobile Pet Grooming

    Pet Grooming Franchises

    Referrals, referrals, referrals!  Anything you can do to generate word-of-mouth "buzz" for your pet grooming business will pay off handsomely.  Offer to do free grooming on occasion for your local pet sanctuary or animal shelter.  Get to know vets, pet sitters and kennel owners.  If you have a stand-alone commercial pet grooming business, offer to give tours to youth groups.

    Try the new Capture Business Cards with removable labels on the back; use the extra labels as coupons to generate referrals.  I guarantee you that these business cards will get you noticed!