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Pet Direct Sales - Pet Consultants
Bring Pet Products Directly to Pet Lovers

Like the idea of selling a wide variety of quality pet products, as a sole or sideline business, but hate the thought of paying thousands of dollars in start-up franchise fees? Does $100 - $400 or so sound a bit more affordable?  A pet direct sales business may be the answer!

Do you like to get out and meet people (and their pets)?  Does the idea of training other people to become successful pet consultants appeal, especially if you can make some profit from their success, too?  A pet direct sales business may be the answer!

How 'bout having "Pupperware" parties?  Either online, or in a pet lover's home?  A pet direct sales business may be the answer!

The direct sales model made famous by Tupperware has been around a long time and has proven its effectiveness.  Thousands of people make good incomes selling direct sales companies' products and services - usually through face-to-face consultations or parties in someone's homes, but often over Internet websites too.

Part of the appeal of a business like this is that, like a franchise, you have a product line to sell, a proven method of selling it, and company support, right from the start.  Yet your start-up fees are dramatically lower (and usually include products you can keep or resell) since you don't have a brick-and-mortar store.

What a Pet Direct Sales Business Involves:
You would offer pet gifts, treats, health items, pet apparel, bedding and more directly to consumers through home parties (think Tupperware or Pampered Chef, but with a pet theme) and other direct sales methods. In fact, you don't even have to have parties - you may be able to sell online (even on eBay, if the company permits), focus on fundraisers, or offer these quality, veterinarian-recommended products to groomers, vets, clinics and other pet related businesses.  (Different companies have different regulations regarding where and how their pet products are sold, so be sure to check that out before you join.)

Knowledge or Skills Required for a Pet Direct Sales Business:
No special knowledge or skill is required; training is provided.  You need to be excited about the idea of helping people who love pets.  Sales experience is helpful.  You are compensated for direct sales of products, and you can also earn commissions for helping people start their own pet businesses.

Advantages of Starting a Pet Direct Sales Business:

  • Like franchising, you get access to a product line (often products that are not available anywhere else), promotional materials, and company support.

  • You can set your own schedule

  • Multiple ways to earn income; individual home parties, fundraisers, online sales, etc.

  • Your own pet has lots of trying out the new toys - which you get at a substantial discount

  • Unlimited income potential with plenty of room for expansion; no geographic boundaries to your business (although realistically speaking, it's easiest to grow your business where you live.)

Disadvantages of Starting a Pet Direct Sales Business:

  • This business model works best for people who can follow established procedures

  • You're required to place orders periodically in order to remain active as a Consultant

  • Most Pet Parties are held in the evening or on weekends (whether that's an advantage OR disadvantage depends on your schedule, personal babysitting needs, etc.)

  • Since pet direct sales businesses are inexpensive to start, some people don't take them seriously.  You DO need to spend money on products to demonstrate and promotional materials, and you WILL need to spend time getting your business up and running.

Both of the pet direct sales companies I knew of - Petlane and ShurePets - have closed, unfortunately.  If anyone knows of another one, please contact me so I can add them to this page!

This company operates on the "party plan" model. has a "Profit with Party Plans" ebook and discussion board you may find useful in getting such a business going.  And these companies should also support you, too.Direct Sales Success

There's also an excellent new "Direct Sales Success" book that is very helpful...