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Pet Day Care - A Fun and Flexible Home Business

Pet day care can be fun for the whole familyAnother way to profit from the demand to pamper pets whose owners are away during the day is to operate a Pet Day Care business in your home. While this service caters to the same group of people who use Pet Sitting services, the main difference is that the dogs come to your home. This is also called Doggy (or Doggie) Day Care. (Dog day care services are more common, so why not consider a Cat Day Care service instead?)

And while this business has some similarities to Dog Boarding, Pet Day Care is usually on a smaller scale and, as the name implies, usually does not involve overnight stays by the animals.

What a Pet Day Care Business Involves:
You'll be providing pet care for a small group of dogs in your home during the day while their owners are away at work. You'll be responsible for feeding them and walking them. If you can (and want) to make a little more money, you can also brush, bathe or offer other services such as Dog Tooth Cleaning as well.

Knowledge and Equipment Required:
Besides lots of love and patience, you'll need a large (fenced) yard in a convenient area of town, a nice supply of dog toys, and a way to segregate animals if necessary (crates or separate rooms). You'll also need to scoop poop daily - and, oh yes, a way to clean up doggy "accidents" indoors.

Liability insurance is also a must for a pet day care business, in case Buster runs away or is injured.

Also, become familiar with your city or neighborhood zoning restrictions; many limit the number of dogs you can have at one time.


  • Growing demand
  • You can do other things at home while you're caring for the dogs
  • Not a great deal of competition in many areas


  • Pet Day Care is NOT the business for people who are allergic to animal hair, who have expensive furniture, or kids (or pets) who don't get along with other pets.
  • Lots of poop to scoop... although you may be able to hire a Pet Waste Removal Service ("Pooper Scooper Business") for that.

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Dog Bakery Business

  • You can get a video or DVD on Doggy Day Care from

    Doggie Day Care Manual guides you step-by-step and shows you everything you'll need to get your business up and running fast.

    Our manual is also packed with industry resources, the latest statistics and plenty of tips from the pros.

    Here are just some of the topics covered in our manual:

    -How to develop a winning business plan -Customizing your Doggie Day Care -Advertising and Marketing -Essential skills you must learn (but no one else will tell you about) -How to make sure your business is profitable -Administration and Staffing -The very lateset industry statistics -Hard to find resources for your business -Invaluable tips from pros who own their own doggy day care businesses -Other services you can offer which increase your income -Much, much more...

    Our Doggie Day Care Manual e-book is also available in hard copy form. Order your copy now and get your Doggie Day Care business started today!



  • Don't commit to provide Dog Day Care for a new dog until you have a "trial run" with a new dog, say for 2 or 3 hours.
  • If the dog will require feeding during the day, ask the owner to bring a supply of the dog's preferred food.
  • Be very clear about drop-off and pick-up times (whether you offer a half day or full day service), and charge extra fees for late pickups.
  • Be sure the dog's vaccinations are current.
  • In many towns, there's an urgent need for dog foster care - this might be a good way to test your aptitude for a dog day care business while providing a useful community service, too.  (And generating some positive "buzz" when you DO choose to start your business.)
  • More than one puppy at a time may sound like fun, but it's a hassle! It's much easier to care for trained, housebroken, adult pets.