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Marketing Your Pet Business Offline

One of the best initial marketing strategies you can utilize is to study how your local competitors promote THEIR businesses.  Who are they targeting?  How are they getting the word out?  How often do they promote themselves?  Where are their ads?

Your goal is simply to do it better! 

Look for the best possible combination of effectiveness and price.  Odds are that you don't need fancy brochures or mugs with your logo on them - at least not right away.

What you DO need are business cards - not generic, black-on-white cards that make you look cheap and like some fly-by-night operator, but quality cards that describe what you do and who you do it for.  That happens to be something I'm very knowledgeable about (I  wrote a special report on designing and using business cards effectively in 1999; see to learn more.  Seriously, you can do a GREAT job marketing your business with business cards alone, if you learn these strategies.)

See business card companies I recommend.

The other two offline marketing products that you will most likely find useful right away are flyers (not brochures) and some sort of vehicle advertising.

By flyers I don't mean expensive folding brochures - I mean inexpensive printed pages you can leave at homes, post on bulletin boards at grocery stores or community centers, and so on.  These flyers should make it clear who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.  Additionally, offer reassurance such as "Licensed, Bonded, Insured" (if that's appropriate), or mention testimonials, or show before-and-after photos.

And as you drive your vehicle around town, why not promote your pet business that way, too?  A rolling billboard!  You can buy magnetic signs, but another great alternative is a stick-on decal that can be moved from car to car, if necessary.  You can put in on your windshield, too... or why not a bumper sticker?

WebDecals are very affordable (prices start at $14.95); this company sells bumper stickers too (hmmm, maybe you can make these for customers as a promotional too.)  I LOVE these decals - but here's a tip.  If you put it on the outside of your car, take it off BEFORE you drive through a car wash!  I learned that the hard way...)