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A Dog Treat Business Could Have Pets
Literally Begging for More

If you like to cook and have a creative marketing mindset, a Dog Treat Business (also known as a Pet Bakery or Dog Bakery) may be right for you. More and more pet lovers prefer to pamper their pooches with healthy, natural foods and treats. And while you can make treats for your dog bakery business for pennies, you can make a substantial profit.

What a Doggy Bakery Business Involves:
You'll be baking, packaging and selling homemade Dog Treats, customarily made with common ingredients such as whole-wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, oats and vegetable oil. You will want a variety of dog treat recipes (easy to find on the Internet), including some for dogs with allergies (yes, pets can be allergic to wheat or corn, just as people can.) Your creativity will come into play when it comes to cutting those cookies into cute shapes, adding new flavors, and coming up with creative names for your special treats.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
If you want to start your own Dog Treat Business, you have to be able to follow a recipe, of course - but aside from baking and marketing ability, there aren't many prerequisites for this business. Just be sure to double-check the suitability of all ingredients, to see if they're appropriate for pets. (Make sure all ingredients are listed clearly on your Dog Treat labels.)


  • Growing demand for dog treats, especially natural or organic

  • High profits possible

  • Dog treats can be easily sold to larger geographic areas through mail order or websites

  • A Dog Treat Business can be easy to fit into your lifestyle; you can bake whenever you want (depending on how quickly your client base begs for more, of course!) and you may be able to work from home


  • Increasing regulations may make this a difficult business to enter, depending where you are. Many communities require that you use a commercial kitchen to make your dog treats if you plan to sell them. There are also federal, state and local laws that regulate how and if you can sell items through the mail. So don't go into a Dog Treat Business without checking the laws of your area.

  • You'll probably have a lot of competition (both retail AND from home business owners), which means that you'll have to be persistent and original in your offerings and your marketing. Try locating a niche such as Doggy or Kitty Birthday Cakes or Fortune Cookies for Fido.

    Resources for More Information on Starting a Dog Bakery Business:
    The two books below should get you off to a great start.

  • Bake-A-Dog-A-Bone offers an excellent guide on starting a dog bakery business.  It’s not hard finding pet recipes (although few are as high-quality as those offered in the link below)  – but this guide offers a detailed, step-by-step business system.  One of the authors is senior manager in the food and treat group with PETsMART, so he has real-world experience in launching pet products successfully.

  • Dog Bakery Manual
    Don't let the plain cover fool you - this guide is packed with tips, advice, resources and a special game plan to get your doggy bakery business up and running today!

    Here are just some of the topics covered:

    -How to attract and keep new clients
    -How to determine if a market exists in your area
    -Advertising and Marketing
    -How to get your bakery noticed in your community
    -How to make sure your business is profitable
    -Getting started: How much capital is required?
    -Other services you can offer which increase your income
    Order today for $39.95, money back guarantee

  • Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes

    High quality recipes, specifically formulated to promote dog health.

    This is a business you can test rather easily by baking for one-time events, such as flea markets or bazaars. Another variation of it is to sell pre-packaged kits to make dog treats.

    A good promotional idea would be to contact owners of other pet businesses in your area and work out a deal where you supply treats for them – maybe sell them at wholesale to fellow pet owners.  You could also give pet owners coupons for your products that THEY pass on to their customers.

    It’s a win-win deal.  The pet business owner looks good – he or she is giving added value to their customer – and you get more sales!