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Dog Tooth Cleaning?
Yes, There's a Demand...

The demand for this business sure surprised me, but maybe it shouldn't have. Have you ever paid a vet to clean your dog's teeth? Yikes! A Dog Tooth Cleaning business could be doggoned profitable!

Periodontal disease is a significant problem for pets as well as humans, and causes some of the same health problems. In fact, UK vet Bob Partridge says that "Brushing is probably the most important thing that owners can do for a pets' long term welfare."

Yet the vast majority of pet owners (according to research, upwards of 70%) have never brushed their pets' teeth. Another pet-healthy alternative to dog tooth cleaning, feeding them special dental chews, is done by less than 5% of pet owners.

Hence, the need for cat and dog tooth cleaning.

What the Business Involves:
You would be doing routine dental care and cleaning of the teeth of a dog or cat. (If a pet needs extensive dental work, anesthesia is necessary - best performed by a veterinarian.) Dog and cat teeth should be cleaned every 6 to 18 months, depending on the individual dog (genetics, diet, fresh water availability and the mouth geometry all play a part.) Ideally, tooth cleaning should begin while the pet is very young, in order to accustom them to the process.

Knowledge or Skills Required:
Lots of patience and a calm manner, to begin with. Related experience is essential; this is not a business you can go into without practice. Some time working at a vet's office or even a dentist's office will definitely help. I could not find any "official" training courses for this type of business; ask a vet or dental vet for advice.


  • Business provides a service that's essential to a pet's health

  • Not a great deal of competition

  • Essential supplies, like pet toothpaste and brushes, aren't expensive. (You should NOT use human toothpaste; it foams, is not meant to be swallowed, and may cause Fifi to have an upset stomach.)

  • Repeat business every year or so.


  • Many pet owners need education about the importance of tooth cleaning, so you may need to create a demand.

  • Training may be difficult to come by.

  • Nervous pets bite. Unless a dog or cat is comfortable with the procedure, it may be difficult to restrain them or avoid injury.

    Do you have experience in Cat or Dog Tooth Cleaning? If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences and your training! Contact me, please.