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Cat and Kitten Business Cards

There's no way to really illustrate the soft, cuddly, furry aspect of a cat or kitten on a business card - or to convey the regal disdain of that cat who KNOWS he/she is actually the master of the household - but a high quality photo business card sure helps!

If you love cats, or if your pet business focuses on cats and kittens in particular, a cat business card with an actual photo is a much more powerful marketing tool than a card with no photo or logo at all.  One of the reasons is that we're emotionally attached to our pets, so a cat business card that actually has a cat or kitten ON it has appeal that's not purely logical.

Although not recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA), the most popular cats are the domestic short hair and domestic longhair - feline "mutts", so to speak.

Within recent years, the other most popular cat breeds, which you might consider putting on your cat business card, are: Persian, Maine Coon, Exotic, Siamese, Abyssinian, Ragdoll, Birman, American Shorthair, Oriental and Sphynx.

Click to view cat business card templates.  If you like any of the specific cat business card images shown below, you can also click directly on the card -these are just a few business cards I like!  These are all glossy color cat business cards - other options are below.

cat business card cat business card cat business card
cat business card cat business card American Shorthair cat business card

By the way, we use this printer because they're one of the most reputable business card printers online, with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Other options for cat or kitten business cards:

Express Delivery Cat Business Cards:  courier delivered in two business days or less, printed on thick 12 pt coated card stock.

Capture Cards: One of the coolest new business card optioUse Capture Cards for Dog Business Cardsns in recent years.  There are removable STICKERS on the back of the card - either repositionable, or not - that effectively double or triple the impact of the card.  The removable stickers could include a map to your store, a price list, contact info for pet emergencies, and so on.

One Color Raised Print Cat Business Cards:  Another fast delivery option, raised print business cards, shipped to you in 48 hours.  No photo, though...

Color Sticker Cat Business Cards:  These look just like your other dog or puppy business cards, but they're actually stickers (laminated, peel n' stick.)  Put these on bags of kitty treats, use as labels for cat accessories, and so on.

Magnetic Cat Business Cards:  This link leads to full color magnetic business cards of dogs, but the site also offers 2-color and 1-color magnetic business cards, too.  Magnetic business cards would be great for pet business owners whose customers need them regularly OR on an emergency basis.  For example, if you have a cat food delivery business, it would be handy for your customer to have a magnetic business card available in case they run out of cat food.

This company also offers Post-It notes, letterhead, metal business cards, and more!

Click here for dog business cards.

Click here for dog and cat business cards (both on one card.)

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