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Ideas for Animal Careers and Pet Businesses of All Sorts!

Animal careers involve more than just becoming a vet, or buying a pet food store. We've already determined that the demand is there for pet products and services. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and work ethic of people who love pets (or love making money!)

The list below should spark some other animal career or pet business ideas. Detail on these will be added as the site develops, so check back often!

I have grouped a wide variety of pet-related animal careers and businesses into the following categories — many businesses would fit in more than one of them.

Note, too, that some animal businesses could easily complement each other - someone who does pet sitting might also bake dog treats or sell pet supplies. And many careers oriented to one type of animal (say, a dog) could also be oriented to another type of animal (such as a cat!)

And some of these animal careers can be done using various business models; for example, pet food delivery services operate on a pet franchise model as well as a home business model.


  • Direct Sales of Pet Products/Supplies
  • Mail Order Sales of Pet Products
  • Online Sales of Pet Products
  • Pet Franchises
  • Independent Sales Agent (Manufacturer's Representative)

    Services to Current Pet Owners

  • Animal behaviorist/Pet Psychologist
  • Animal Registration & Identification Service
  • Pet Astrologer (Pet Horoscopes)
  • Dog Camp
  • Lost Pet Recovery
  • Mobile Pet Grooming
  • Obedience or Agility Training
  • Pet Day Care / Doggie Day Care
  • Pet Food and / or Product Delivery
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Hotel
  • Pet Shuttle Service / Pet Taxi
  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Wash & Go
  • Pooper Scooper Service

    Services to Prospective Pet Owners

  • Animal Breeder
  • Breeder Referral
  • Pet Finder
  • Pet Matching Service / Pet Consulting


  • Aquarium Service (Maintenance)
  • Bird Cage Maintenance & Care
  • Boarding kennels
  • No-Kill Sanctuary
  • Pet Butler (See Pooper Scooper Service)
  • Pet Couture
  • Pet Playground
  • Writers


  • Animal-assisted Therapy
  • Animal Massage Therapist
  • Dog or Cat Teeth Cleaning
  • Post-Surgery Recovery Care for Pets
  • Retirement Home for Pets
  • Veterinary Medicine

    Pet-Related Employment
    (working for someone else, not self-employed)

  • AKC staff
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Animal Shelter Worker
  • Dog Handler
  • Dog Show Judge
  • Security Dog (Police dog) Handlers / K-9 Cop
  • Show Superintendent

    (Crafts, Building, Arts - little or no direct contact with animal)

  • Bake Dog Treats
  • Bird Houses / Feeders
  • Collars for dogs & cats
  • Customized Pet Pillows
  • Dog House Designer
  • Pet Beds
  • Pet Furniture
  • Pet Jewelry (for people!)
  • Sewing: Pet clothing (coats, booties, scarves)
  • Sewing: Pet Costumes (think Halloween, Santa outfits, etc.)
  • Stuffed Animals

    Creative (Direct Contact)

  • Pet Birthday Parties (parties for pets!)
  • Pet Entertainment Service (pets for schools, parties)
  • Pet Photo T-Shirt
  • Pet Photographer