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Why Pets?

My family has owned pets for years.  We love them and we want what's best for them (although we're not QUITE into the "designer duds for dogs" spending bracket just yet.)

Our aging mutt (Cocker? Poodle? Terrier?  We call her a "Cocker-Poo-Terr") is named Molly.  She's the "family dog" and grew up as our kids did; now we're empty-nesters and Molly keeps us company.

Young Barnaby started life as a lowly barn cat (hence the name) but endeared himself to us very quickly and was promoted to "family cat".

Nope, neither is a pure breed pet, but love is blind, right?

Why Pet Businesses?

Two Three reasons.  First of all, I seem to have an "entrepreneurial gene".  I've had direct sales businesses.  I used to publish a Directory of Home Businesses in my town.  And since 1999, I've been marketing online - my own books (one on business cards, one on eBay, one on spotting fakes, and one on fishing lures!) - plus quite a few other products, and selling on eBay too. 

Along the way I became an expert on accessible web design (I've even lectured naturally on that topic) and I studied to be a Website Marketing Makeover Consultant... so I learned a bit about website design, too.

Bottom line?  I think marketing is FUN and I'm always full of new ideas for how to promote a product.

Second - it makes sense to me, business-wise, to go along WITH a growing trend.  Pet ownership and spending on pets isn't likely to die down any time soon, nor is the interest in home business and entrepreneurship. And info on combining the two is hard to find.

Finally - my hubby is getting ready to retire, and wants to start his own pet business.  This research benefits him, too!

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